July 2018: A group of eight international peace-activists supports us in Büchel:  6 from NL, 1 from GB, 1 from Germany

Sofie Jansen
(1991) is a Catholic Worker of the Jeannette Noëlhuis in Amsterdam. She studied clinical child, family and education studies and during that time lived in a church-community in Amsterdam West, trying to connect with the neighborhood people. Since 2011 she visits people in the refugee prison in Amsterdam and dreams of a house of hospitality where she can be active for a just and sustainable world. Sofie enjoys nature, art and children.

Pieter van Ginneken:
Born at the outset of the second World War, he remembers ‘from before words’ the atrocities as well as the creative counterpart of it. Within a monastic community, during forty years, he tried to discover and share treasures of peace. Studies in psychology sustained him in the practice of counseling. Continuing this way of life, in an individual setting meanwhile, he enjoys a very regular, profound hospitality and partnership in the Catholic Worker house in Amsterdam. For the children there he hopes to be a real grandfather. Favorite pursuits? Singing Gregorian chant, spotting birds and hiking.

Frits ter Kuile
(1962) Is married and has two children. He has lived in the Amsterdam Catholic Worker since 1996. In 1984/85, he served 9 months in prison for refusing to join the army after which he lived for a couple of years in a peace camp protesting the planned deployment of cruise missiles, walked across the US to stop nuclear testing, tried to prevent the war in Kosov@ before landing at the Catholic Worker community in Amsterdam. He loves www.noelhuis.nl & likes planting apple-trees, making fires and eating muesli.

Susan van der Hijden
(1969) is a member of the Amsterdam Catholic Worker, the Jeannette Noel House. She works as a mail deliverer. In 2000, she was part of the Jubilee 2000 Ploughshares which disabled a truck mend to carry nuclear weapons from the south of England to the Trident base in Scotland and served 7 months in prison. She can make very tasty vegan pancakes and likes to play with the noelhouse kids.


Margriet Bos (1986) is a Catholic Worker from the Jeannette Noëlhuis in Amsterdam. She is fairly new in the struggle for peace and wishes to play a role in rekindling the thought of peace for the world as a possibility instead of a foolishness.

Dirk-Jan Dullemond

Matthias Teeuwen

Wilma en Mattias