US- Delegation in 2023 to AFB Volkel (NL) and AFD Büchel (Gr)

BRIAN TERRELL, 67, Maloy, Iowa. Brian lives on a Catholic Worker Farm in Maloy, Iowa. A long time resister of nuclear weapons and militarism, his first visit to Europe was in 1983, joining the massive protests against the US deployment of Pershing II tactical nuclear missile along Germany's East/West border.  He is a coordinator for the Nevada Desert Experience, a faith based anti-nuclear community.

JENN GALLER, 27, Baltimore, Maryland. Jenn has been doing anti-nuclear work since 2019 with Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. She got involved with the Nuclear Radioactive Waste Coalition that has groups from around the U.S doing anti-nuclear work. From there she went to Germany to do direct actions against nuclear weapons and then New Mexico to work with individuals doing work on anti-nuclear racism.

DENNIS DuVALL, 80, Radeberg, Germany formerly of Prescott, Ariz. Dennis, an expatriate from Prescott, Arizona, now living in Radeberg, Germany and long-time member of Veterans for Peace, pledges resistance to U.S. hydrogen bombs and preparations for nuclear war at NATO base Büchel.

THEO KAYSER, 33, St. Louis, Missouri. Theo has been involved with anti-nuclear and anti-militarism work since joining the Catholic Worker movement in 2010. His pursuit of peace has led him to protest NATO in Chicago, police violence in the streets of Ferguson, drones at Creech AFB, ICBMs at Vandenberg Space Force Base, and more. He has spent the past year traveling to dozens of Catholic Worker communities to document and connect the movement and is part of the group forming a forthcoming CW community in his hometown of St. Louis. He is co-host of the Coffee with Catholic Workers podcast and CW editor at Geez magazine. You can read about his adventures at or follow along as they happen (including scenes ar August's Volkel peace camp) on Instagram and Facebook @theo_the_catholic_worker

VERA ANDERSON, 35, New York City. Vera lives in NYC, training as a clinical mental health counselor. Her work spans spiritual development, activism within the peace movement, community organizing, and music education. Currently on the board of Pace e Bene: Campaign Nonviolence, whose mission is to take action in nonviolent ways against many social issues, and working as Coordinator with the Nevada Desert Experience, whose mission is to end Nuclear Warfare and practice nonviolence.



SUSAN SCHALLER, 69, Boston, Mass.

I've been studying and practicing nonviolence since 2009, active with the Pacific Life Community, the Las Vegas Catholic Worker, Oakland Catholic Worker, and others around the United States.  I began attending Quaker meetings, and now live at a residential community run by a Quaker nonprofit, the Beacon Hill Friends House in Boston.

SUSAN CRANE, 79, Redwood City, California. Susan is a school teacher, mom, grandma, war tax resister, nonviolent anti-nuclear and anti-war activist, and Catholic Worker. For the past five years, she has lived and worked in Redwood City, California at a Catholic Worker house for the homeless. For the past 48 years Susan has tried to withdraw her consent from the economic and political system that is a death sentence to life on earth. She has done this through war tax resistance and nonviolent direct action. She has been in prison over 6 years for peace actions, including several Plowshares actions, which addressed the dangers, illegality and immorality of nuclear weapons. In 2005 she was part of a walk to Guantanamo prison to bring attention to U.S. use of extrajudicial detention and torture. Susan asks: “What sort of world are we leaving for our grandchildren? Will they have clean and water? Will they have affordable education, housing and medical care? Will they have a chance to live in a world where we value sharing and helping each other, instead of greed, death-dealing and war-making?” *Plowshare Actions by Susan Crane see far below.

ERIC MARTIN 38, Los Angeles, California. A part of the Pugsley Pilgrims a New York City poetry group

ELLEN GRADY, 60 Ithaca, New York. Ellen is a mother of four daughters and grandmother to two young children. Ellen lives in Ithaca, NY, and is a member of the Ithaca Catholic Worker Community. She has been part of the anti-nuclear movement since 1980. Ellen was a member of the Plowshares #4 action 1982 along with her brother, John, and her late husband, Peter De Mott at Electric Boat shipyard in Groton Connecticut where they build the Trident submarine, one of the deadliest weapons systems in the world. She has continued to work for nuclear abolition throughout the years most recently providing support for the Kings Bay Plowshares, the 100th nonviolent symbolic disarmament action.

JACKIE ALLEN, Hartford, Connecticut. Jackie is an artist, plowshares activist and Co-founder of the Hartford Catholic Worker and The Voluntown Peace Trust. She has been building the Beloved Community and working for peace for 40 years and believes that direct action against war and nuclear weapons are a work of mercy … and that climate Justice cannot be reached without dismantling the racist war machines and the empires that control them! -- 18 Clark St., Hartford, CT 06120, (860) 724-7066



MARK COLVILLE, 61, New Haven, Connecticut. Mark Colville, the father of four adult children, is a longtime peace activist, community organizer and co-founder of the Amistad Catholic Worker community in New Haven, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife, Luz Catarineau. Since being released from federal prison in 2021 for his participation in the Kings Bay Plowshares act of exorcism and symbolic disarmament at the Trident submarine base in St. Mary’s, Georgia, Mark has been fully engaged in organizing and leadership development with his unhoused neighbors in New Haven, in resistance to the criminalization of homelessness. As he is fond of reminding folks: “For the people in my neighborhood, the Bomb has already gone off.”

Frits ter Kuile,  Amsterdam/ NL (Volkel und Büchel)